Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Barsoom Illustrations

At the release of the new John Carter movie, Skirmisher Publishing updated and re-released Shadows of a Dying World - an OGL sourcebook for the creatures of Barsoom.  I contributed several illustrations to the re-release, including a new cover.

A calot - he's so cute! Pen, brush, and ink.

A corphal attacks.  Pen, brush, and ink.

The cover, featuring John Carter, Deja Thoris, their calot, a banth, and a white ape.  Colored pencil.

Wednesday, February 15, 2012

Coffins & Tombstones Illustrations

A couple of the illustrations I've been working on for the upcoming Spectrum game from Fearlight, called Coffins & Tombstones. 

The cover image - a good old-fashioned shoot-out. Watercolor.

And a classic saloon-scene. Pen, brush, and ink.

d-∞ Volume 2 Illustrations

I regularly contribute illustrations to d- Magazine, here are a few of my favorites from Volume 2 (available through

For the "City Builder: City and Island of Kos, Byzantine Bank" Article.  Pen, brush, and ink.

The "Gimmicker" from the "Pathfinder System: Finders of Fortune (Three Treasure-Seeking Prestige Classes)" Article. Pen, brush, and ink.

A handful of my favorite illustrations for the "Character Caricatures: Twelve Treasure Hunters" article. Pen, brush, and ink.

The Selden Project: Map and Port

These pieces were completed for the Selden Project - a board game developed around the Selden Map, designed to interest and educate players on trade in Southeast Asia in the 17th Century. 

The game-board is based on the original Selden Map and inspired by color palletes and design motifs of period Chinese art.  Watercolor.

Illustration of the port of Manila.  This was based on etchings and written descriptions of the port in the 17th Century. Pen and ink.

Age of Night: Volume One Cover

The cover I composed for the first printed volume of my webcomic, Age of Night. Colored pencil on bristol board.  (The book is available on Amazon.)